Monday, July 4, 2011

AX: Day 4 . Goodbye!

I can't begin to articulate what an amazing time we
had at AX2011. What started off as an on a whim
decision turned out to be an amazing experience that
we'll likely never forget. Here are the photos from Day 4

Sir Ickus posed for a portrait while Alex snapped some pics

This adventurer picked up a hood with which to blend in
with the Imps while hunting. No kills today , better luck
next time!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, as best
illustrated by Alex with her new buddy No Face

Cracker Jax lady came back to order a custom creature!
Glasses and braces it is!

We say goodbye to the sewer right. Maybe he can
finally catch a break hanging on this gentleman's wall.

Our day one hunter returns to pose for a photo. This guy
picked up the greatly coveted nerdy yeti. A smart idea not
bringing him back for a photo, less he be mugged by jealous

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