Saturday, July 2, 2011

AX : Day 1

Day One at AX

Alex and Alex wait in line to pick up their passes.
Them we wait in another line to pick up stickers for our passes.
Meanwhile, dude tells us all about AMV's and naked chicks with
invisible arms.
"Speilberg" gets ready for a long day of cat callin and
yeti sellin.

The Yetis and Friends booth. Girls next to us be
like "wtf?!?!"

Our first dollar for the day. One of about Seven....

Sir Ickus checks out the possibility of a 6' tall girlfriend.

Late nightin' it at the pin press.

All in all day one was pretty sweet! Having never been to AX
before we were pretty excited. Saw a lot of really cool art and
some pretty awesome peeps. Luckily we were stationed next
to the corn dog station, so any loss of sales was overshadowed
by delicious snacks.

1 comment:

  1. you guys were awesome glad to have seen you guys move up to the front!