Monday, July 25, 2011

We've found a new home...


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Why did we leave? We had some Yetis complaining that they just didn't feel hip enough on I recommend tumblr because I know some dudes at this coffee shop who love it.


Spielberg the Shark

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Bonus footage from AX. Kat draws the boys a portrait. Only question
is who gets to keep it :X

Thanks Kat :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

A final word

Alright. Lets talk about our feelings. Lets talk about leaving new
friends for the long journey home. Our heart goes out to
everybody who stopped by our booth with nothing but
good things to say. We hope you find companionship with your
new furry friends, and maybe even with us humans too

A Bigfoot sized hug goes out to Alex Fuentes for embarking on
this adventure with us. Had she known what she was signing up
for she may not have agreed to come , but we hope she had fun.

We put together our last video dedicated to AX.
We love you guys!

-Friends of Yetis and Friends-

Speilberg bowtie ( hair clip ) by Moloko

Medalion by Shoudoumagic

Cupcake ring and Headband by Strawberry Black

PandaHat by The Bunny Cafe

Portrait of the boys by Kat Zuniga

Lady Bride of Ickus , Nana

Booth Girl , PaintedMaru

We love you guys!

AX: Day 4 . Goodbye!

I can't begin to articulate what an amazing time we
had at AX2011. What started off as an on a whim
decision turned out to be an amazing experience that
we'll likely never forget. Here are the photos from Day 4

Sir Ickus posed for a portrait while Alex snapped some pics

This adventurer picked up a hood with which to blend in
with the Imps while hunting. No kills today , better luck
next time!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, as best
illustrated by Alex with her new buddy No Face

Cracker Jax lady came back to order a custom creature!
Glasses and braces it is!

We say goodbye to the sewer right. Maybe he can
finally catch a break hanging on this gentleman's wall.

Our day one hunter returns to pose for a photo. This guy
picked up the greatly coveted nerdy yeti. A smart idea not
bringing him back for a photo, less he be mugged by jealous

Fan Video! I was cruising youtube looking for a link that alex
had sent me when I ran across this gem! Way to go Reptacon!

'Friends' Video

New video! "Friend".
Dedicated to everyone that we've met on our adventure.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

AX: Day 3

AX: Day 3

This is probably the most efficient shopper we've ever met!
little guy walks up and says "mom, 60 bucks". 5 Minutes
later he's walking away with an X-ray Yeti , a print and
some pins. Way to go buddy!

Here I am pretending to count money, when I'm really
just thinking about corn dogs.

We were sooo stoked that this guy picking up a
goblin. None of the scaries were gettin' much love
until Josueh showed up. Josueh ain' nvr' scrd'

Then, out of nowhere, some cracked jax lady with these
two marionettes bum rushes the booth. Unfortunately
neither of the robots were ladies. Sorry guys :/

Speilberg humored Alex by agreeing to pose for a photo
with the ghost buster. They had to call a janitor to mop up
all of the droll afterwords.

Sir Ickus found some lovely maidens strolling about
Artist Alley. Unfortunately , Ickus lives in a log that's
only 2 feet tall, so the search for love continues.

Right before close up , this dapper couple stopped by
to say hello. Lady seemed to have a crush on Ickus, but
Ickus is a gentlemen, and a gentlemen doesn't
snake a lady.

Also, 'Attack of the Show' on G4 Network stopped by
to have a word with Speilberg and I. If you've ever wanted
to see what I look like when I'm about to loose my marbles,
stay tuned for the video!

Well, we've got one day left. To early to get emotional ,
so we'll save our goodbyes for tomorrow. Lets make this
last day the best one yet!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

AX: Day 2

AX Day Two: Started off with Fuentes almost getting
eaten by zombies. Turns out they were just two cool
girls dressed up as zombies. Whew!

Dude shows up and shows some brotherly love by picking
up a yeti for his brother.

And this guy. We were almost as excited about selling a yeti as
this dude was about buying one.

Then we did shots of Yeti Grog to celebrate our sale!

Then we met Mika, probably the most adorable adventurer in the
known yeti-verse. She told us all about her ideas for making
youtube videos with her yeti, so be sure to keep an eye out for

Closed the day by walking around a harassing people with puppets.
This girlie was showin some love for Speilberg with a yeti sized hug.
The kids in the arcade however, did not appreciate our company.
Ickus never was very good at Street Fighter.

So day two at AX was even better than the first! But we
still have so much more work to do. Will Backes ever
get that booth girls number? What's really in Yeti Grog?
How many times can we picture snipe before someone
smashes us with a cosplay sword?

Stay tuned to find out!

AX : Day 1

Day One at AX

Alex and Alex wait in line to pick up their passes.
Them we wait in another line to pick up stickers for our passes.
Meanwhile, dude tells us all about AMV's and naked chicks with
invisible arms.
"Speilberg" gets ready for a long day of cat callin and
yeti sellin.

The Yetis and Friends booth. Girls next to us be
like "wtf?!?!"

Our first dollar for the day. One of about Seven....

Sir Ickus checks out the possibility of a 6' tall girlfriend.

Late nightin' it at the pin press.

All in all day one was pretty sweet! Having never been to AX
before we were pretty excited. Saw a lot of really cool art and
some pretty awesome peeps. Luckily we were stationed next
to the corn dog station, so any loss of sales was overshadowed
by delicious snacks.