Sunday, July 3, 2011

AX: Day 3

AX: Day 3

This is probably the most efficient shopper we've ever met!
little guy walks up and says "mom, 60 bucks". 5 Minutes
later he's walking away with an X-ray Yeti , a print and
some pins. Way to go buddy!

Here I am pretending to count money, when I'm really
just thinking about corn dogs.

We were sooo stoked that this guy picking up a
goblin. None of the scaries were gettin' much love
until Josueh showed up. Josueh ain' nvr' scrd'

Then, out of nowhere, some cracked jax lady with these
two marionettes bum rushes the booth. Unfortunately
neither of the robots were ladies. Sorry guys :/

Speilberg humored Alex by agreeing to pose for a photo
with the ghost buster. They had to call a janitor to mop up
all of the droll afterwords.

Sir Ickus found some lovely maidens strolling about
Artist Alley. Unfortunately , Ickus lives in a log that's
only 2 feet tall, so the search for love continues.

Right before close up , this dapper couple stopped by
to say hello. Lady seemed to have a crush on Ickus, but
Ickus is a gentlemen, and a gentlemen doesn't
snake a lady.

Also, 'Attack of the Show' on G4 Network stopped by
to have a word with Speilberg and I. If you've ever wanted
to see what I look like when I'm about to loose my marbles,
stay tuned for the video!

Well, we've got one day left. To early to get emotional ,
so we'll save our goodbyes for tomorrow. Lets make this
last day the best one yet!


  1. !:D Goblins are sooo under-rated! Stay tuned, because I think we may have some goblin butts nailed to boards going up soon!